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Adventure: Massif des Cerces, France

Updated: Jan 14

It has been a long time since I have written anything on here. As the winter remains a slower time for me I can catch up on some of adventures from the last year. My hope is to start to update the blog more frequently from here on out. Anyway, one of my biggest trips of the summer was my first trip to Europe to explore the Alps of France and Italy. It was a dizzying trip for me that was both surreal and challenging. The trip was broken up into two parts, this first part is from the first few days in the small mountain town of Briancon in the south of France. This lesser known spot sits between three dramatic ranges within the Alps featuring a warmer, sunnier climate more similar to California's Sierra Nevada. I absolutely loved this area and looking back would've been fine spending the entire trip just in this area.

The first hike of the trip was a solid 8 mile loop up and over the Col des Cerces. This stunning trail was about as good as hikes get. Expansive views the entire time through verdant green meadows filled with colorful wildflowers passing several alpine lakes along the way. A perfect introduction to the Alps!

The following day, I did another afternoon hike into the Massif des Cerces this time to Col de la Ponsonniere. Equally impressive in its expansive views and open alpine meadows, it was another stunning hike in the Alps.

My last day in Briancon, I summited a small, but prominent peak in the Cerces named Aiguille Rouge that provided amazing 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains.

Stay tuned for part two of my Alps adventure in northern Italy!


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